A Voice For Women

Anna Schiller, Communication Strategist of the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF), is running around the lobby of the Cipriani restaurant in downtown Manhattan. She is carrying her Mac laptop and balancing giving instructions to interns, conversing with colleagues on procedures and speaking to the fellow journalist that are gathered for the 2014 Courage of Journalism Awards in New York City. Continue reading

AU Table Talk: Discussing Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, MO

On the September 3, 2014 Michael Brown was supposed to start classes and be on college campus just like students across America, but he never got the chance. A large part of the students are just experiencing the first days of their freshman year. Moving-in days are over and the dormitories are filled with an air of nervousness, as students bustle around getting settled in. New friendships and bonds for life are about to be formed. Continue reading

Hillary Clinton and the New Feminism Movement

The crowd is cheering as former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton appears on the stage. Although she is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to support Democrat Tom Wolf and encourage voters to participate in the midterm elections, she overshadows him. Michigan on Thursday, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, California, Colorado and Iowa and other places yet to come – Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail. Continue reading