Semester Spotlight: Washington, DC

From INsite magazine

by Jessica Hambleton

How many young people can say that some of the best advice they ever received came from one of President Jimmy Carter’s speechwriters?

“Find something you care about doing, rather than just a career,” award winning journalist and one-time Carter speechwriter James Fallows told a group of American University Washington Semester Program students in January. Upon hearing those words, I began to panic. It was only our second week in the Program and our careers were already on the line.
As I sat at my computer that evening after the meeting with Fallows, I began to reflect on the week’s events. I tried to dissect Fallows’ advice. It was then that I first fully understood why nearly 500 students had traveled from all over the world to come study in Washington, D.C.

How can you know what you care about if you haven’t had the opportunity to experience it?

That opportunity is what the Washington Semester Program provides. While studying a subject, whether politics, foreign policy or in my case journalism, students get hands-on experience in all that the District has to offer. Internships, visits to museums, meeting with political movers and shakers, and trips to local newspapers are all part of the experience. But it is the history that unfolds in front of your eyes that . . . Read more at INsite magazine.