Student Alyssa Goard reports for PBS Newshour


Alyssa Goard on the class trip to NBC Studios

Alyssa Goard shares some of the hands-on work she has been doing during her internship at PBS NewsHour. 

For NewsHour’s American Graduate coverage of bullying in schools today, Alyssa curated this multimedia  project for Student Reporting Lab on Bullying.

Alyssa edited this video of a new Zambian language translation technology which her supervisor, Dr. Imani Cheers, covered.

Alyssa worked to edit Dr. Imani Cheers’ coverage of Chikumbuso community center in Zambia for a PBS NewsHour student voice spotlight.

When the Rosa Parks statue was unveiled at the Capitol, Alyssa was there to help cover. Here is some of the report she assisted with as well as photos she took for the event.

Alyssa participated in PBS NewsHour’s Inaugblog team of college reporters from around the country to create multimedia coverage of the 2013 inauguration.

Here’s a look Behind the Scenes at the Inaugblog team Alyssa participated in.

Here is Alyssa’s article on Tavis Smiley’s Panel on Poverty featuring speakers such as News Gingrich and Cornell West.

Here are some of the interactive Travel Tales of citizens who attended the inauguration Alyssa met along the way.

Here is Alyssa’s coverage of the process of obtaining inauguratuionTickets.

Ever heard of a Yoga Ball? A unique DC event Alyssa covered in the days leading up to the inauguration.

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