From April 2010 to July 2012 Washington DC’s population grew more than in the previous ten years combined. This abrupt growth creates enormous benefits for the city and also brings enormous challenges. With a population growing by 13,600 people a year, city planners must contend with enough new people annually to fill the Verizon Center.

These new people – including a large percentage of young professionals looking for an urban experience — are moving into condos and apartments under construction in and around downtown, an area that had lost residential population for decades.

But what city services will these people require? More trash pick up? More schools? More wear and tear on parks? More traffic congestion?

Accommodating these new people is the job of DC’s Office of Planning. The Tenley Times’ political team talked with Rosalynn Hughey, deputy director of Citywide & Neighborhood Planning to get answers about how the city is handling the growth.