Abessalom Araiza: Who am I

My father (Francisco Araiza) is from Mexico City and is a famous opera singer and my mother (Ethery Inasaridse) is from Munich, Germany, and is a stage director.

My father shifted his residence to Switzerland in the early 1970s where he started his international career. My mother was born in Munich, but before, her father who was born in Georgia (former USSR) stayed in Germany after having served in World War II and became the head of the American Radio Free Europe. My sister is 3 years younger than I. Although I live and study in Munich, I visit my Mexican family (my father has 6 brothers and sisters!) every summer for one and a half months from August to mid-September. There, we have many exotic birds as pets, for instance two great green macaws and a red-lored amazon. Munich is a combination of being a highly-developed city and a tranquil village, meaning that the population is not overwhelming and lacks the turbulences of a metropolis like New York. Mexico City is one of the most enervating cities I have experienced so far due to its heavily congested traffic and immense size.

My hobbies/passions;
I like to play piano; for 13 years now I have been performing in public and participating in many concerts as a keyboard player in a school band. My most successful performances were probably Rachmaninoff´s Prelude cis-moll op.2 Nr.3 and Hans Zimmer´s Ending Title of the blockbuster movie “King Arthur” (which can be seen on YouTube). I took lessons in the martial art of Taekwondo for 10 years and participated in an intensive course in partner dancing (Standard and Latin) for one year. I play video games and also like to incorporate my favorite movies into my film studies at my home university. I love to research the censorship history of world famous games and films. My favorite animals are birds of prey like the eagle and the falcon. I also had the unforgettable pleasure to train falcons in a falconer´s workshop. I have a strong interest in acting and I have actually taken acting lessons with a famous German TV actor for the last 12 months and produced a demo reel.

Journalism experience I have had
I have limited experience in journalism although I have had the opportunity to interview people as part of a school project and to create a 10 minute radio program.

Additional information you should know about me
My language skills are due to my family roots: I speak three languages fluently (German, Spanish, and English).
I strongly believe in family values and I consider myself to be a high achiever.
I have been exposed to many cultures through my travel to several countries such as Mexico, United States, Canada, Italy, and Great Britain. Within student exchange programs I also went to Russia, France, and China. There the living with families was a tremendous learning experience.