Students Embed at Pentagon


WSP journalism students got a rare opportunity to learn how reporters operate inside the Pentagon. Students toured the labyrinth U.S. military headquarters, met with Defense Department spokespersons, and spoke with print and broadcast reporters who cover military affairs. Above, students are seen in the Pentagon briefing room.


National Press Club Welcomes Washington Journalism Semester


Gil Klein, former President of the National Press Club, meet with WJS students at the historic downtown Washington club that for decades has served as the backdrop for breaking stories and high-profile political news events. Students were regaled with stories from Klein, a longtime journalist, about the rich history of our field as well as the exciting future the profession holds with the current technological explosion.

Students Tour Nationals Stadium


On September 24, WSP journalism students witnessed a close contest between the Washington Nationals and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Nationals Park. Before the game students met in the press box with representatives of the Nationals’ Media Relations/Communication team as well as reporters Craig Heist of WTOP Radio and Mark Zuckerman of the Washington Times.

CBS News legend Bob Schieffer talks to WSP Students

bob_schiefferCBS News legend Bob Schieffer spoke to Washington Journalism Semester students about his long and rich experiences in the field of broadcast media. His visit was definitely one of the highlights of our year so far. Nearly 100 students listened to riveting stories from this anchorman of CBS-TV’s Sunday morning show “Face the Nation”, and to hear Schieffer talk about his many years covering politics and presidents.

Murrow Award Winner Visits WSP Students

WTOP Radio National Security Correspondent J.J. Green met with Washington Semester journalism students.  Green, a 2009 Edward R. Murrow Award winner, discussed his series, “Hidden Hunter,” about life aboard a U.S. nuclear submarine. He also told students about his ongoing research into global terrorist networks and their connections to organized drug smuggling.

Capitol Tea Party


Washington Semester students Anja Neumann, Abbey Lee and Grace Lawrence (left to right) attended the anti-tax Tea Party rally on Capitol Hill on Sept. 12.  Protesters expressed their disapproval of proposals for health-care reform, big government and the President.


Many Tea Party participants carried signs such as this one, accusing the government of leading the country toward socialism.
More pictures and video of the rally.