Dear. those who are from Asian country!

” Hi, I’m from South Korea. I hope this note can encourage those who are not good at English!
Actually I was very nervous at the beginning of this semester. But important thing is not English but your active personality!
Active personality help you make a lot of amazing international friends! Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy.
Everyone is nervous when new semester starts! 🙂 … and, Everyone will like you! <3″
Ilwah Moon

Go Outside Already

“Even though your room is nice and comfy and warm, you have to leave it. Every experience you have in D.C. might not be as comfortable as your bed, but everything here is worth seeing and doing once no matter how tired you are, how cold/hot it is outside, or how outside of your comfort zone it is.”

Samantha Hungerford

Advice for the next lovely class of journalism

“All, talk to the French people -if you are lucky enough to have some in your class- they are probably nicer than they seem to be
Americans, don’t be so American!, ask the European if you have problems to cook pasta or to locate any country on a map
Colombians, teaching salsa is definitely compulsory
Germans, 1) don’t be so tall, you scare French people! / 2) Don’t find other ways to scare French people / 3) Keep having this so romantic loud German accent so that people definitely think of learning French instead
Koreans, we love you”
Anais Lebreton